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The Clog Palace and The Daily Clog
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There are 165 bands in this list.

Were you in any of these bands? Do you have any specific memories of a band on this list? Contact me!

Band #Band NamePersonnelNotes
133Able BrothersHardly, Barely, and Willie B (Mark Olitsky, Kevin Enoch, Bob Smakula)  
52Allan Block and Chris Romaine   
83Allons-YKaren Collins, Will Dawes, Gene Montgomery, Joe Langley, Michelle Carsrud  
157Balfa ToujoursChristine Balfa, Dirk Powell, Kevin Wimmer  
91Barry Schultz and Cathie Whitesides   
46Bilge Water String BandChris Romaine, Pete McClurkin, Ritchie Schuman, Larry Wischhoefer  
158Bill Schmidt and Bruce Hutton   
141Bill Schmidt, Bruce Hutton, John Beam   
110Blue Plate SpecialDirk Powell, Kate Brett, Kevin Enoch  
44Bluestein BrothersJemmy and Evo  
45Bluestein, Bernstein, and BluesteinJemmy Bluestein, Ira Bernstein, Evo Bluestein  
82Body RockersGreg Hooven, John Herrmann, Dirk Powell  
163Bow RockersMike Williams, Rusty Neithammer, Nancy Neithammer  
3Brandy StationBrian Dorothy, Knee Deep  
149Bruce and Audrey Molsky   
111Bruce Hutton and Chris Romaine   
105Bruce Molsky   
170Bruce Molsky and Beverly Smith   
64Bruce Molsky and Bob Carlin   
61Bruce Molsky, Audrey Molsky, Dirk Powell, Dave Grant   
54Bruce Molsky, Beverly Smith, Bob Carlin, and June Drucker   
169Bruce Molsky, Kate Brett, Bruce Hutton   
194Bruce Molsky, Phil Jamison, and Gordy Hinners   
159Bruce Molsky, Rafe Stefanini   
57Bruce Molsky, Rafe Stefanini, Bob Carlin, Audrey Molsky, Dave Grant   
56Bubba GeorgeJeb Puryear, Keith Brand, Jordan Puryear, Henrietta Smith  
22Caruthers OthersRob Caruthers and sometimes Joe Fallon, Joe Herrmann, Dirk Powell, Donna Caruthers, Pete Gordon, Paul Mackerell, John Devine, Jim Bieneman, Gary Wright, Tom Mitchell, Jim Hale, Jim Doc Rosenstock, Pete McClurkin, Jim Jones, Tim Mitchell  
55Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer, and Craig Johnson   
41Chicken ChokersChad Crumm, Stefan Senders, Paul Strother, Chip Taylor Smith, and Jim Reidy  
190Chris Romaine and Allan Block   
168Chris Romaine and Bruce Hutton   
50Chris Romaine and Craig Johnson   
200Claire Bartholomew, Mike Williams, Liza Roberts, and Ted Stokes   
38Clarence Fowley and Slim Harrison   
151Claudio Buchwald and Steve Hickman   
7Cloud Valley  A bluegrass band that played for cloggers at Rena's Restaurant, where we danced before Captain White's Oyster Bar & Clog Palace
70Consenting Adults and SteveRena Rubin, Steve Uhrik, Gary Wright, Vicki Orenstein, Alex Scala  
23Critton Hollow String BandSam Herrman, Joe Herrman, Arnold Kempton, Patty Galatis Kempton, Joe Fallon, Pete Gordon Joe Fallon and Ralph Gordon replaced Arnold and Patty
173Dance All NightJay Gimelli, Hubie King, Chris King  
176Dancing FerretsClare Bartholomew, Liza Roberts, Charlie Haines  
142David Margolin, Bill Schmidt, and John Schwab   
127Dawn LitersMatt Gordon, Tom Mitchell, Arnold Kempton  
66Deer Creek Boys   
198Dirk Powell   
182Dirk Powell & the Fresh Beats  Members of the bands the Heartbeats and Fresh Fish
175Dixie DoodlesCarolee Rand, Bob McCluskie, Bruce Hutton  
5Doc Scantlin and the Red Hot PeppersSteve Scantlin, Terri Scantlin,  
1Double Decker String BandCraig Johnson, Bill Schmidt, John Beam, Bruce Hutton  
180Dr. Bubba and the O.K. Bayou String BandBob Naess, Jumahl, Rose Sinclair  
24DuckwoodsJoe Fallon & Claudio Buchwald  
73Dukes of EarlEarl White, Vicki Orenstein, Gary Wright, Dave Grant  
84Earl White and the All You Can Eat BandEarl White, Kelly Perdue, Lew Prichard, Rick Friend, Vaughan Mairs, Judy Chaudet  
72Earl White and the Surry County All StarsEarl White, Jacki Spector, Bill Sluys, Nancy Sluys  
58Early Night and the Day TimersEarl White, Robbie Caruthers, Judy Chaudet, Tina Lisa Jones, Lew Prichard, Jody Platt, Trent van Blaricom, Vicki Orenstein, Kelly Perdue, Rick Friend, Alan Firth  
150Enigmatic VagrantsChris Romaine, Larry Edelman, John Schwab, Moe Nelson  
49FiddlebreathPete Alexander, Jim Doc Rosenstock, Dan Haller  
75Flaky Bran and the High FibersMatt Gordon, Bob Willoughby, Amy Sarli, Rodney Sutton  
126Flea PickersMike Ballo, Kate Brett, Kevin Enoch  
183Floyd's Barber Shop BoysPhil Levy, Sarah Carlton, Kevin Enoch, Susan Trammel  
27Fox PawsTom Dawson, Mark Radomski, Bruce Salan Name is a word play on the French "faux pas."
81Frank Hall and Claudio Buchwald   
128Free Will SavagesJames Leva, Dirk Powell, Al Tharp  
25Full Tilt String EnsembleLou Shapiro, Joe Meadows, Jack Buckley  
129Ginny and the Snowe JobsClaudio Buchwald, Joe Fallon, John Devine, Ginny Snowe  
53Goin' CrazyClaudio Buchwald, Pete McClurkin, John O'Loughlin, Jim Bieneman  
12Green Mountain String BandSusan Radcliff, Scott Morris, Kevin Welsh  
136Grey's Ferry BoysRandy Johnson, Frank Dalton, Emily Fine  
17Hambone SweetsKaren Collins, Fred Feinstein, Pete McClurkin, John O'Loughlin, Sid Nethery  
42HeartbeatsTara Nevins, Beverly Smith, Rose Sinclair, June Drucker  
65HellbendersBruce Molsky, James Leva, Dave Winston, Mary Winston, Dave Grant Originally called the Spring Gap Hellbenders
89Heritage String BandPete Alexander, Hubie King, Jim Jones  
114HixChad Crum, Keith Brand, Dirk Powell, Alex Scala, Gary Wright, Bill Smith Originally known as the Hicks
8HobotoeDennis Botzer, Larry Wischhoefer, Ritchie Schuman, Pete McClurkin, and occasionally Jim McClurkin  
147Hoover UprightsBill Schmidt, Kate Brett, John Schwab, Kevin Enoch  
37HorsefliesJudy Hyman, Jeff Claus, Richie Stearns, John Hayward Originally known as Tompkins County Horseflies
123Hula MonstersTom Mitchell, Dave Giegrich, Moe Nelson  
124Ira Bernstein, Evo Bluestein, Jemmy Bluestein   
77Iron SkilletShay Garriock, Tom Heck, Stephen Tyler, Tina Hicks  
92Jim Hale and Friends   
2Jimmy Arnold  Well-known local bluegrass musician who played for cloggers at Rena's Restaurant, where we danced before Captain White's Oyster Bar & Clog Palace
112Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin   
134Joe Fallon and His Accomplices   
193John Herrmann and Dirk Powell   
188John O'Loughlin, Terry Scantlin, Claudio Buchwald   
94Jon Singleton & Friends  Last band to play at Capt. White's
161Jump Off RockersFaith Dominy, Travis Stuart, Trevor Stuart, Meredith Mackintosh  
199Kate Brett and Kevin Enoch   
35Ken Wright and the Barefoot T-Shirt String Band   
189Ken Wright, Pete McClurkin, John O'Loughlin   
62Ken, Pete and RepeteKen Wright, Pete, Pete  
30Kevin Welsh and Mr. Jimmy   
197Kevin Wimmer and Dirk Powell   
88Kevin Wimmer, Jumahl, Ginny Snowe   
160Konnarock CountryBrian Grim, Debbie Grim, Jim Lloyd  
137L7sBruce Molsky, Rafe Stefanini, Dirk Powell Originally known as the Screamin' L7s
71Lackawanna Long NecksMark Tamsula, Randy Johnson, Dick Withers, Dale Brubaker, Jeff Cooper  
39Leftwich, Higginbotham, and JacksonBrad Leftwich, Linda Higginbotham, Kenny Jackson  
85Little City String BandCraig Edwards, Danny Gardella, Amy Davis, Tom Randall, Dirck Westervelt  
9Local Tomatoes  I have no idea who this is, but they played for cloggers at Rena's Restaurant, where we danced before Captain White's Oyster Bar & Clog Palace
13Locust HillJon Singleton, Charlie Bryant, Carolee Rand  
125Looney TunesAlice Rodman, Liza Roberts, Tom Reedy, Paul Hulleberg  
60Lotus Dickey and FriendsCraig Johnson, Chris Romaine, Lars Hanslin, Scott Mathis  
104Lucrative Gig BoysChris Romaine, Joe Fallon, Larry Edelman, Nancy Mamlin  
144Mark Campbell   
131Matt 'n APossibly Matt Gordon and Arnold Kempton  
153Mellow TonesMike Ballo, Conrad Alt, Adam Yarme, Alan Firth  
132Mike Ballo, Conrad Alt, Scott Morris, Adam Yarme   
4Mountain Light  Bluegrass band that played for cloggers at Rena's Restaurant, where we danced before Captain White's Oyster Bar & Clog Palace
67Mysterioso and the DeadheadsPete Alexander, Doc Rosenstock, Doug Meade  
172Narrow-Minded Nay SayersChris Romaine, Kate Brett, Kevin Enoch  
80New Grange Hall FlyersDave Brown, Mike Woody Woods, Anita Dolen, Marc Brissenden, Jeff Haemer  
122New Original SinClaudio Buchwald, Marc Glickman, Wendy Morrison, John Devine  
162Northern BobbittsChris Romaine, Kate Brett, Kevin Enoch  
16NuisanceRob Caruthers, Carolee Rand, Karen Ashbrook, Mary Lou Schanck  
33Ogden Nash RamblersChris Romaine, Carolee Rand, Leslie Barr  
29Open Band   
201Open Band  Organized by Chris Romaine
186Paul Brown and Bruce Molsky   
192Pearls Before Swine   
166PegheadsMike Ballo, Kevin Enoch, Bill Schmidt, Adam Yarme, Nancy Mamlin  
118Pete McClurkin   
59Pete, Repeate, and the SparkletonesPete Alexander, Pete McClurkin, Joan Macdonnell, Larry Wischhoefer  
185Phil Levy, Sarah Carlton, Kevin Enoch, Susan Trammel   
78Pilot Mountain BobcatsNancy Sluys, Jacki Spector, John Hatton, Bill Sluys  
69Plywood Cattle CompanyGeorge Huhn, Al Walton, Andy Andrews, Dan Brown, Richard Gordon Richard Gordon replaced Dan Brown
40PoodlesRuthie Dornfeld, Carol Hamm, Ruth Rappaport, Leah Weiss  
117Porcupine ChasersAndy Porter, Jim Doc Rosenstock, Alan Leader  
10Powdered Eagle String BandJulia Borland, Lars Hanslin, Bill Trautman, Ritchie Schuman, Charlie Pilzer  
195Rafe Stefanini and Friends   
79Ralph Blizard and the New Southern RamblersRalph Blizard, Phil Jamison, Gordy Hinners  
130Rambling RoguesRob Caruthers, Kate Brett, Kevin Enoch  
48Red HotsJoe Thrift, Tom Joe Thrift, Tom Riccio, Riley Baugus, Jerry Ray Weinart, and sometimes Alan Firth  
152Red MulesJeff, Susie, and Rick Goehring  
63Reel World String BandKaren Jones, Beth Futrell, Sue Massek, Sharon Rubel Agent: Josh Duncan
21Reverend Chip and the Moon BridesChip Folk, Kate Lissauer, Margo Caulfield, Alice Rodman, Dan Curtis  
178Rhythm GophersAndy Porter, Bruce Salan, Jon Singleton, Karen Seime Singleton  
191Rob Caruthers and Southern Drive   
196Rob Caruthers and Jim Hale   
187Rob Caruthers and Joe Fallon   
179Rob Caruthers and the Rhythmateers   
140Rob Caruthers, Kate Brett, Kevin Enoch   
171Ron Cole, Bill Schmidt, Kate Brett, Nancy Mamlin, Bruce Hutton   
26RoustaboutChris Romaine, Lars Hanslin, Ritchie Schuman, John Schwab, Joe Fallon, Dolores Heagy, Craig Johnson, Nancy Mamlin Marcy was the original guitar player
31Slim Harrison   
20Snuffy Smith Bridge ClubGus Meade, Doug Meade, Jim McClurkin, Jim Doc Rosenstock  
184SomeoneUnknown This is the name I used in The Daily Clog when I did not know who I would have scheduled at press time.
11South Fork and the Bluegrass Boys  Bluegrass band that played for cloggers at Rena's Restaurant, where we danced before Captain White's Oyster Bar & Clog Palace
28Sprouts of GrassSid Rosenberg, Sandy Hofferth  
43St. Regis String BandMark Schmidt, Ron Gordon, Dave Danks  
167Steve Hickman and Fiddlestyx   
68Stewed MulliganJoe Wack, Keith McManus, John Obremski, Pat McIntire, Stumper  
34Swamp Cats String Band   
76Swine Before PearlsChris Romaine, Craig Johnson, Bruce Hutton, Nancy Mamlin  
86Swing Nine Yards of CalicoMegan Merker, Kate Brett, Tony Mates  
6Swinging Bridge   
181Takoma Park RevellersChris Romaine, Bruce Hutton  
47Tiny Sea MonstersCarolee Rand, Chris Romaine, Marcy Marxer  
74Tracy Schwarz and Swamp OperaTracy Schwarz, Peter Schwarz, Joe Fallon, Kevin Enoch, Moe Nelson, Trent van Blaricom  
87UFOJim Morrison, Pete Vigour  
164Virtual SturgeonKen Wright, Pete McClurkin, Jim Doc Rosenstock  
90Wandering RamblersDirk Powell, Carol Elizabeth Jones, John Herrmann, Jim Miller, June Drucker  
120Weed WhackersPhil Levy, Sarah Carleton, Sue Trammel, John Heins, Dan Peck  
51WildcatsRafe Stefanini, Stefan Senders, Carol Elizabeth Reynolds  
113Zydeco NortonKevin Wimmer, Dirk Powell, Tara Nevins, Jim Miller, Jeb Puryear, Ward Puryear  

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