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The Clog Palace and The Daily Clog
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Clogged My Sole Out at the Clog Palace - bumper stickerClogged My Sole Out at the Clog Palace
Bumper sticker
by Cheryl Parker

Clogger on Board - bumper stickerClogger on Board
Bumper sticker
by Cheryl Parker


I still have a lot of these around the house. I can't vouch for the effectiveness of the glue, however.

Captain White's Oyster Bar and Clog Palace T-ShirtCaptain White's Oyster Bar and Clog Palace T-Shirt

The official t-shirt of the Clog Palace, this fine garment was commissioned from Andy Melisano (a graphic artist and member of the Footloose Cloggers) by Michael Marlin. When the Clog Palace and The Daily Clog were transferred to me, I received a pile of these t-shirts for fundraising purposes. I sold them all. This is probably one that I bought from Michael when they first came out.

Takoma Tap Room T-ShirtTakoma Tap Room T-Shirt

This is the first place I clogged in public, besides the clogging class I took from one of the Footloose Cloggers. It was almost as sleazy as Captain White's. Bruce Hutton booked the old-time bands for this venue, which stopped having clogging and old-time music sometime during May 1981.


Actual fork from Captain White'sActual fork from Captain White's

I am not the tacky kind of person who steals flatware from restaurants. I believe it was on the last day we held the Clog Palace at Captain White's that someone brought a birthday cake to the restaurant. At the end of the evening, there was cake left behind, and I took the cake home in a box. The next morning, I discovered this fork in the box. Since I knew we weren't coming back to Captain White's (but they didn't yet), and since it is a rather cheap fork, I decided to keep it.

Footloose Cloggers T-ShirtFootloose Cloggers T-Shirt

The Footloose Cloggers were a local clogging team that was inspired by the dancing of the Green Grass Cloggers. They danced at the Clog Palace as a team and as individuals. They did gigs at festivals and schools, and for all I know, they did weddings and bar mitzvahs, too. Anyone who would like to add detail to this account is welcome to contact me.


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   February 22, 2018
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