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The Clog Palace and The Daily Clog
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The Daily Clog

Selected Articles:
Clogger's High
- Ode to a Revolving Disco Ball - Festival Chili - Doc Stock's Banjo Method

January 1992 issue:
Front sheet - Back sheet

The Daily Clog was published from July 1984 through August 1987 by Michael Marlin and Carin Luke, and from September 1987 through August 1997 by Julie Mangin. Throughout its publication, it featured what Michael Marlin called, "Clog Journalism At Its Best." News, announcements, and a considerable amount of wacky (dare I say tacky?) humor abounded in this publication. It usually appeared as a single sheet of paper, letter or legal size, folded as a self-mailing brochure.

Most people, I believe, subscribed to The Daily Clog simply to know who would be playing at the Clog Palace on a given Thursday. The following was the standard format for the Clog Palace listing in The Daily Clog:

[Someone] will play old-time music for free-style clogging at Capt. White’s Oyster Bar & Clog Palace, 8123 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring MD. You don’t need a partner, and most nights you can get a free clogging lesson upon request. From 8:30 p.m. until midnight, dance on a specially constructed wooden dance floor, under the revolving disco ball with multi-colored reflected lights. Admission to the Clog Palace is $4.00. Free parking is available on the street, and in the parking garage behind the Clog Palace.

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   February 22, 2018
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