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The Clog Palace and The Daily Clog
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Pat Sessions

What GREAT memories!!!!

Sometimes I'd start out the evening feeling half dead and then the music would put wings on my feet and I felt like I was airborne.....What a talented group of good people, musicians and dancers alike. I have some fond and sometimes strange memories to share...

The first time I saw Roustabout, I remember being amazed at Lars's outfit...he was wearing these strange sunglasses that had sort of holographic eyeballs in the lenses...they seemed to follow you around the room...then there were the AWFUL purple plaid shorts and an orange tee shirt that said, in large letters, "FASHION IS MY LIFE". I just loved that, and the music was wonderful...

I'll never get over the Red Hots. As long as I live. The first time I heard them (I'd been listening to a lot of African music around that time) it was just primitive, reaction was right from the gut and I've loved them ever since. The groove they got in was magical to dance to...

The first set at the Clog Palace could be a little slow once in a while, but then whoever was playing would take a break and go outside to get some air in their tires....then they'd rock the you know what out of it...I always LOVED the second set..I fibbed at work and told my boss that I had a doctor's appointment for an allergy shot every Friday morning so I could stay to the last tune on Thursday night. Then I'd drag in a little late every Friday morning to work with a decent excuse. I'd feel guilty about that except that I was young and had SO much fun...

One night a band (can't remember the name) took a break and Robbie Caruthers went out fin front of Captain White's by himself. I was out there taking a break, too. Robbie was playing his fiddle, working on Chinquapin Hunting. I noticed (I think) two completely different tunes being played at the same time (and there was no air in MY tires) (at that time). I seemed to hear a strong melody line on the high strings and another different melody line (evenly strong) from the low strings... awesome. Never heard anything like that before or since.

At the Tap Room I'd always get nervous when the gentlemen with the lovely tattoos would be told that they had to stop shooting pool so the bartender could stack the pool table up against the side of the wall to clear the dance floor. I think I'm still amazed that the death toll was so low...

Then there was the most amazing ambiance at Captain White's Oyster Bar. As you entered the bar from the back door, you were greeted by the longest and most disgusting row of butt cleavage I have ever seen. Unforgettable.

And then there was the advertisement in the Daily Clog for a seamstress wanted in the Mount Airy area (after Patsy was flashed by that guy who had a strategically located hole in his pants...)

Gosh, we DID have a great much fun and such a nice group of people. So many really good friends came from that group. And thank you again, Julie for all the work you did and for being such an insanely funny person (We're all still having fun, in between doctor's appointments and such).

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   February 22, 2018
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